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Pink Water
Artist: Indochine ft Brian Molko
Album: Alice & June
Year: 2005
: I love this album probably more than is sane.
I picked it up on a whim back in March '06, when I was still going to HMV and dropping $50/week based on album covers. "Little Alice in Wonderland girls on swings!" I exclaimed to my friend, then flipped it over and saw that everything was in French...but that a song featured Brian Molko. I was at a particularly high point in my Placebo obsession, so I decided it was a sign and spent $30 on the two-disc special edition.

The title track is actually a Saph mainstay: nothing says Friday night like a bunch of goth kids losing their shit to the French, slightly mellower, less nasal version of Placebo. I am head over heels for every song on the first disc; even if you don't like this one, download the rest for a taste. This album just screams 'BEGINNING OF SPRING.' to me -- probably a fundamentally personal connection, but there is something rejuvenating, revitalizing about it.

But anyway, I picked this song for the obvious Placebo connection (and it really does sound like a French cover of something off Meds or Without You I'm Nothing), and also because it's probably the most heartwrenchingly emotional on the album. I love Brian's countdown two thirds in, I love the yearning in his voice when he sings, "Get me out of this place / get me out of this town / before I drown in your deep pink water.", I love the contrasting hope in Nicola Sirkis' counterpart vocals (there's a version where he sings in English, but I love the French, too). I love the sad piano and the throbbing synths, I love the buildup, I love the lyrics (some of which are all too apt right now) -- and I love it in the context of the rest of the album (which is much more cheerful and full of hooks) -- GET THE ALBUM, if you don't already have it, hah. It's one of my very favourites ever.


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