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My Name Is Trouble
Keren Ann

I downloaded this album when it came out a few years ago--based on nothing more than liking the cover art.  At the time, I didn't have the patience to listen to the entire thing (or, much of any of it, actually), so it wasn't long before I deleted it from my iPod.

I missed the boat a bit on the start date of Nurse Jackie's fifth season and, in watching a string of new episodes the other day, I remembered why I like the show so much.  Its mix of caustic humour and subtle sentimentality consistently hook me.  "My Name Is Trouble" accompanied a beautiful scene at the end of one episode wherein both Jackie and her eldest daughter make separate but parallel choices.  The opening synthesizers and ensuing drum beat complemented the growing sense of panic played out in that final scene.  By the time I heard the first line, "My name is trouble, my first name's a mess" I was leaning forward, edging my way off of the couch.  I anxiously waited for the end credits so that I could Google that lovely bit of lyric; so that I could have that song in my possession; so that I could listen to it again and again.

I still haven't listened to all of 101--I like the sing-songyness of Keren Ann's voice within the context of "My Name Is Trouble", but I'm not sure what I think of it when it is paired with softer, slower music.  I do know that I like the fact that I found this album (again) under these circumstances; that it came "back to me, in pieces or a melody."   


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