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Basement Band Song
The Organ
Grab That Gun

I think the worst thing about a band break-up is knowing that that band's existing music is all we'll ever have.  The Organ released only one album before officially breaking up in 2006 (they were so disjointed before the break-up that they were like an embittered couple on a trial separation).  At least there is comfort in the fact that Grab That Gun is an excellent album of moody songs with lyrics that sting like arrows to the heart.

The lead singer of The Organ, Katie Sketch, is a lesbian (I don't know if you remember, but the band appeared on a season two episode of The L Word).  Obviously, this made me uncomfortable for reasons I am still in the process of exploring.  Maybe I was kind of pleased that nobody was familiar with The Organ because that meant that I didn't have to defend liking their music (not that I would have had to...I think I am referring to more of an inner conflict than an external one).  Nonetheless, their songs were a regular fixture on the mix CDs I made for friends.

Like Tegan and Sara's So Jealous or Air's Talkie Walkie, Grab That Gun is very much associated with a specific time in my life; namely, my last year of university and the two-month trip to Europe that followed graduation.  "Basement Band Song" has that nauseating effect I've written about before; it pokes and prods at certain parts of me, triggering a wonderful, stomach-churning response.  My heart flips every time I hear the opening of this song--no matter how much time has gone by or how many times I have listened to it.  Sketch's brooding, disaffected tone combined with the upbeat, church-organ lilt of the music (that organ melody echoes the melody found in another of the band's songs, "Brother") creates this feeling...I guess it is almost like nostalgia; happiness that is not entirely happy and sadness that is not entirely sad.  

We should put that record on
The one you found when you were gone
The one that has those sad, sad songs
And makes you sing out loud



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