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Momma Sed [Tandimonium Mix]
Artist: Puscifer
Album: V Is for Viagra: The Remixes
Year: 2008
: I don't tend to categorize music according to [physical] situation. I find I only think about it when I am picking music for a crowd and/or one of those 'life soundtrack' memes. It's not that I don't note the power of a well-situated song, just that so much of my life is set to a soundtrack that a specific 'song-fits-context' kinda thing just seems superfluous. Personally speaking: there are very few physical-based contexts for which I will note a specific song is just perfect.

One of those contexts, however, is night driving.

I make up excuses to drive at night. You've been in the car with me (up to Tremblant!), so you have some idea of how much I love it. I love winding curves and streams of headlights, pitch black sky spread out endlessly or flashing city lights, catching a glimpse of the stars through the moonroof, and above all that feeling you get, rushing through the night. It is fucking powerful. I feel invincible, wheel under my fingertips, like nothing can touch me, like I am in control, like I am on the edge of exploration. And with that feeling, that context, some songs just fit: this remix is one of them.

A visualization exercize, if you will.
-- An early winter night. Pitch black. A dusting of snow on the ground. Warm car, frozen air. Press play and this song comes on. Suddenly you feel everything around you: all the metal and machinery of the car, your tenuous separation from the road. You are the eye of a hurricane, power incarnate. This song is your theme, metallic and pulsing as the engine, and it runs through you like gasoline on fire. You become the car, the road, the night air; there's nothing holding you back. The darkness is endless possibility.

I love how this song throbs; the industrial overtones kill me. Listen for the drops at 2:41 and 3:37 -- they hit hard. Talk about eye of a hurricane -- this song is just that. The hurricane builds but the throughthread is above, inside, all of it -- lyrically, too. "Changes come / keep your dignity / take the high road / take it like a man." That night-driving invincibility triples when I am blaring this -- it's a fucking weapon. This song will make you speed.

It's getting dark earlier now, but in all honesty, that's never bothered me all that much. I know my beloved spring sunshine will be back, and I can't help but love the crispness, the clarity, of a dark latefall/winter night. Sometimes -- the longer it lasts, the better. I feel this strange sense of potential as the nights get longer and darker -- and I could never live anywhere where I wouldn't immediately associate this remix of "Momma Sed" with a black December night, my car and I against the world. By January: all of me hates the snow, but part of me still loves the darkness.

[a note: I hate the cover of this album so much/find it so incongruous that I couldn't bring myself to post it, so, art instead!]


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