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Heavy Metal Drummer
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

I guess I interpret "back to basics" as a return to the familiar.

Something I can go back to when I feel a little stuck, or unmoved by anything else.

I got all of my Wilco albums out recently because their music continues to be comforting and, conversely, challenging.

My dedication to Wilco as a band has fallen a bit by the wayside the last few years.  I think this is partially due to the fact that I do not own hard copies of their last two albums.  There is some kind of distance created between myself and the music when I do not have something to hold on to; to turn to and consult.

Jeff Tweedy's lyrics are poetry.  I wrote them in notebooks and painted them on walls.

Unlock my body and move myself to dance
Into warm liquid, flowing blowing glass
Classical music blasting masks the ringing in my ears

"Heavy Metal Drummer' is a summertime song for me (I suppose it helps that the song itself mentions summer throughout (it rhymes with drummer!)).  It perfectly captures that sense of lightness--the way everything feels a bit looser in the summer; the way I feel a bit freer.   
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A Shot in the Arm

I had a heck of a time picking a song today--nothing seemed right!  I listened to tons of songs and nothing made me feel anything...the weather and Summer made me think of another Wilco song, "Heavy Metal Drummer" which was a mixtape staple the summer of 2002.  Wilco is one of those life-long loves (I've seen them in concert three times).  And, while "Heavy Metal Drummer" is an awesome song, it wasn't THE song to share.  I instantly thought of "A Shot in the Arm" and had that awesome only-happens-in-our-community-feeling that I HAD FOUND IT, the absolute, most perfect choice.  

This song paints a good (sonic) picture of Wilco as a band.  They use noise beautifully (A Ghost Is Born takes this to a whole other level).  I love that there is something happening behind the basic drum and guitar beat (and that lovely piano melody)...almost like the sound of airplanes, screaming, pounding, reverb...something broken or struggling.  This song highlights my heart-in-my-throat-love for Jeff Tweedy's lyrics (poetry):  "The ashtray says you were up all night...And you finally slept while the sun caught fire" and "We fell in love in the key of C".

This song has been a recurring theme song of mine ("What you once were sure isn't what you want to be anymore").  The past few weeks especially, I've let myself first sink into a ditch and then dig and dwell until I was standing in a self-inflicted abyss.  Really I should and could have pulled myself out.  I need to think of things that I can rely on to be my shot in the arm.

Aside: I GUESS the lyrics are "Something in my veins, bloodier than blood" but I have ALWAYS (and still) hear (and sing) "Slap it in my veins, bloodier than blood."


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