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The Fun Powder Plot
Wild Beasts
Two Dancers

I find that so many of my [livejournal.com profile] 5pm_weds posts touch on that magical time in our lives: Stage Numero Trois.  For some reason, music was extra indelible at that time in my life (probably because I was depending on it for basic survival).

I had a really HARD time picking a Wild Beasts song to share with you.  I wanted to make up my own theme: albumisreallyonelongsongsoyouhavetolistentoitinitsentirety (kudos to you if you can read that, haha), but I figured that probably went against some unspoken rule, SO I thought of the song that I consistently go back to: "We Still Got the Taste Dancing On Our Tongues".  I was so certain, so smug, that this was THE song I was going to post.  I uploaded the song and posted the link in my draft entry.  But then I listened to it and thought, hmm...this totally isn't it.  So, just to be ABSOLUTELY SURE, I decided that I had best listen to the entire album.  When I heard that opening--of "The Fun Powder Plot" and, essentially, the album itself--it was like going back to 2009 and to this very moment.

I was downloading new music and updating my iPod Shuffle on the computer in my mom's room.  September sunlight filled the room and I willed time to slow down so that I could maintain the distance between myself and Centennial just a little longer.  I felt anxious and empty and stood facing the mirror admiring my protuding collarbones when I cued up the Wild Beasts album for the first time.  That beginning...like a church organ calling me...it pulled me out of my reverie and made me feel more present, for a moment.  This album kills me and, like The Horrors' Primary Colours, it is inextricably linked to that time in my life.  Hayden Thorpe's voice, coming out of those tinny computer speakers made me feel...less strange.  Like there was comfort in the strangeness of that voice and in the way the music rolicked and swayed and fluttered all at the same tme. 


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