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It's Time
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: Continued Silence EP
Year: 2012
: I've had this EP kicking around my iPod for awhile, and liked "Demons" a lot in the early spring -- in that way where I never really get past it and onto the other songs on the album. But: "It's Time" has been released as a single, and I heard it on the Buzz a few times while driving back and forth between Rigaud and Montreal, right before leaving for Berlin ---- and though I never heard the whole song, I found myself blasting it whenever it came on.

The song that shuffled up after Bassnectar's "Lights" remix, on the plane last week, was this one.That was when I heard it in full for the first time, and tears sprang to my eyes: not necessarily because this is the most beautiful song in the world (though I do think it is pretty stirring), but because I got a surge of musical-emotional connection...the likes of which I haven't really been experiencing that much, these days. Part of the problem is that I just don't have time to listen to music -- this trip being a perfect example -- but the other part is that I'm shifting, changing, and I worry that my relationship to music is shifting and changing alongside my relationship to emotion, more generally.

But then I get a song like this, and the music pulls at every heartstring ------ and the lyrics pull even harder, until my heart is in my feet and I am fighting tears.

It's not much more than quality indie-pop, with a lovely hook and catchy rhythms. But even after a week of returning to it every night before I fall asleep, the novelty hasn't quite worn off -- and when I hear "I don't ever wanna let you down / I don't ever wanna leave this town," I get a lump in my throat.

I loved it so much the first time I heard it because I had just had a bit of a mini-revelation, which I wrote about last week -------- and because the timing was too perfect. It's time to begin, isn't it.

And it made my heart skip when I realized, today, that the video for this song was released on April 18th, 2012.

I miss you more than I can stand.


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