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Fuck You, Stupid Bitch
Deep Dark Robot
8 Songs About a Girl

I happened upon this song awhile ago, actually.  I think my iPod likes it because it continually pops up on shuffle.  The sound of this song reminds me of Louis XIV or Eagles of Death Metal or some kind of long-haired classic rock band playing in a scuzzy bar on a Tuesday night.  I think that, and the chorus, is kind of what drew me in.  Oh and the weird voice; Linda Perry's (of 4 Non-Blondes fame) almost-whine.  It's the kind of song that makes you want to take a swig of Jack (from the bottle) and yell out, "Yeah!  Rock 'n Roll!".  Or, maybe that is just me. 

I decided I was going to post this song on Monday because it so aptly reflected my mood.  Then Wednesday rolled around and I thought it was a little too gauche, too angry, too obviously in your face.  But, alas, by the end of a long day, and after slipping on my headphones and hearing that jangly guitar opening I decided I would go ahead and post it. 
The first few verses sum up the Geoff situation pretty well, I think, which is around the time when I first heard the song:

"And now I'm left here speechless
With my foot in my mouth
And a fairly overactive mind
Now you've got me feeling shame, shame, shame,
Fuck you, stupid bitch"

I love how the way a song applies to your life (or the way you choose to interpret the lyrics to make it apply to your life) changes all the time.  Right now I'm not listening for the relationship context and am just stuck on the "fuck you, stupid bitch" aspect--irregardless of what area of my life that applies to (it's applicable to so many things!). 

It's a darn good walking song--it manages to put a little bounce of confident attitude in my step when I'm feeling the exact opposite.


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