Mar. 28th, 2012 11:59 pm
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Our Hearts
Artist: Firehorse
Album: And So They Ran Faster...
Year: 2011
: One of the many reasons I love this comm as much as I do: my grandiose plans are always foiled; music always wins.

I was waffling between two very important-to-me artists this week, and then I heard this song and I was like well, never mind. This is exactly what this week needs. Lyrically it's so wonderfully relevant, kind of for both of us, I think. Personally, I die a little bit every time she says "Our hearts were on fire / And it burns in our bones" --- fire is a big symbol for me, up there with the butterflies but for very different reasons, and it's so nice to be reminded of that.

Musically, there's something about this song that just hits that absolutely honest spot I love -- and I feel that it is, in a way I don't always, a [fairly] objectively good song. I love the layers, the melodies, how everything builds to that organized chaos at 3:22. I like the hints I hear of Regina Spektor, of slower YYYs songs, of blues-rock/indie folk/electronica all kind of sweetly wrapped in a cheerful, ever-so-springtime package. That's it, really: I hear this song and it sounds like sonic springtime. Differently, very differently, from Venus Hum's interpretation -- from the oh-so-crystal "Illumine" -- but warm. Like sitting outside with bare feet in late March. Songs with promise. With -- as Leah Seigel's writhing singing voice proclaims -- hope.

Our bodies weren't big enough
Our bodies weren't big enough
For all the hope that we had...

And we'll find our way in the end.


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