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Somethin' Stupid
Robbie Williams ft. Nicole Kidman
Swing When You're Winning

The video for "Somethin' Stupid" is the definition of "camp".  Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman star as "Robbie" and "Nicole"--a glamorous, dreamy-eyed, obviously smitten couple.  The set of this three minute mini movie looks like a set. In one scene, Robbie and Nicole exchange gifts (wool sweater, riding crop, diamond-encrusted heart-shaped clutch)  under a tall, white, plastic Christmas tree.  They ogle each other in a bar and twirl across their shag-carpeted living room. Everything is soft focus, pastel, artificial perfection.

I start with the video because the video came first.  Sprawled on the couch one night when I was still living at my mom's, I stopped channel surfing when I saw those blue eyes (Nicole's), that pretty waved hair (also, um, Nicole's), that tinge of Spanish guitar (probably not Robbie, I'm guessing).  I have to admit that I was kind of entranced (maybe it was that final scene--Nicole puts the above-mentioned heart clutch to interesting (and, ahem, apparently memorable) use).  I think that the best "camp" also charms.  Charm is the quality that draws you in--despite the fact that you are well aware that what you are seeing or listening to is pretty terrible.  So, despite the fact that I kind of hated it, when I next found myself on Napster, I downloaded "Somethin' Stupid" and hastily burned it to CD.  I listened to "Somethin' Stupid" gleefully.  I remember walking through the train station one night after a long shift at Indigo, listening to this song as I rushed to catch the bus back to the South Shore--smiling to myself as if I were carrying a wonderful little secret.


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